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The RAJ SHAKTI DRILLING SERVICES (RDS) company is engaged in drilling activity since 1971,and got very much experience in the field not only in Gujarat, but also Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya pradesh,Punjab, Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Tripura, Assam, coastal areas of India. Till date the company must have drilled more than 30,0000 points successfully. Diamond Core Drilling and Geo technical Drilling was done in India on a large scale for Mining Exploration , Quarry , Highway Bridge , Highways Road , Land survey , Railway Line , Cross Drainage , Check Dams , Tunnels for Railways , Thermal Stations , windmill power plants , Solar power plants , Cement Plants , Gas Pipe Line , Industrial Buildings , Residential Building , Commercial Building , Mineral Exploration projects with maximum depth of 300m. The speciality of RAJ SHAKTI DRILLING SERVICES (RDS) is that, the right from the beginning, it has started drilling operations by the slow rig, clayx rig to the latest Super Fast High Pressure Hydraulic Drilling Rigs. RDS Company is the most renowned Drilling Services. It was formed by MR. Mansukhbhai having experience over 43 years.

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